Research digital services and software products, markets and companies to inform your B2B Procurement decisions

About bobbil

What is is an online trading platform for buyers and sellers of B2B software.

bobbil’s mission is to make buying and selling software as quick and simple as possible.

bobbil makes it easy to research and find software for your business in over 200 market categories.

bobbil users and user registration

Who uses bobbil?

Bobbil offers software companies a place to sell their software and promote their technology services to other companies, somewhere to research and understand their market and their competitors.

What is the benefit of

By categorizing more than 200 different market spaces and allowing companies to assign themselves to the most relevant categories for their businesses makes it easier to understand and operate within the larger B2B software and services markets.

Who are the different types of users? is used to research, promote and connect businesses in the digital economy.

Buyers of business software use bobbil to inform their next software purchase.

Sellers of business software use bobbil for lead generation and to connect with new customers

Businesses who want to understand their market use bobbil to research who is competing with them.

Why should I register?

You need to register if you want to list your company and products on

When you register using your business email bobbil will associate you with your company and you will be able to connect with other businesses through bobbil.

What’s the registration process?

Registration is easy. Tell us your name, email, company name and job title. We will do some standard checking to ensure the email is valid. That’s it!

Once you have registered you will be invited to register your company and product. Your first product listing is absolutely free and gets you access to bobbil’s lead generation features.

If at any stage you have problems with the registration process simply email and we will help.

Companies on

What kind of companies are on bobbil?

Many different businesses use – what they all have in common is that they supply product or services to digital businesses.

Businesses who supply digital services or products, enable others to supply digital services of products or invest in the suppliers or enablers of digital services or products use bobbil to research, promote and connect their business to other business.

Why should I add my Company?

When you register your company on bobbil you assign your company to markets and segments (submarkets) within the economy and you make it easier for people to find you.

It’s that simple! Once you can be found you can figure out how to do business with each other.

How do I add my company?

You will need to be a registered user. We will prompt you to add your company during the user registration process you will be taken to the “” page which has a helpful user menu to guide you.

My company is already on bobbil but the information is out of date. I want to update the information.

First try registering. If your company information is available to edit, you will be prompted to update it once you are a registered user.

If a colleague has already updated your company information, then you can drop a note to and we can help you find out who took ownership of the information.

How do I know if my company should be in bobbil?

Three simple checks!

  1. Do you supply a digital service or product?
  2. Will you benefit from b2b connections?
  3. Can you find a market and segment that describes what you deliver?

Yes? – Your company should be on bobbil!

If you can’t find a market and segment to fit but you still think your company belongs on bobbil let us know ( Maybe you are breaking ground in a new market we need to add to bobbil.

How long will it take to put my company up on bobbil?

This is a two-step process. First we will ask you to confirm or enter some company details and then we will ask you to assign your company to at least one and at most three markets/segments.

It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the process and you can come back and revise your company details any time.

Questions about products on bobbil

Why should I add my product on

Product pages are where you can generate valuable sales leads for your products and it costs nothing to add your first product page.

How do I get sales leads?

When you create your **FREE** product page we will ask you to upload some sales collateral and to provide a sales contact. When a user downloads your collateral we will let you know. If a user wants to contact you, they can message your sales contact right there on the product page.

What are bobbil’s Product Pages?

Product pages are your products’ shopfront on They help you connect with interested buyers and create great leads for your product(s).

Can I add more than one product page?

In bobbil you can create individual Product Pages for each of your products. Your Product Pages will be linked to your company page. On your Product Page(s) you can insert a product description with a list of features and one piece of product collateral (e.g. a brochure or product spec document).

Your first product page is free, and we have very competitive pricing for companies who want to add multiple products.

How do I Create a Product Page?

First you will need to register and associate with your company so we know you are legitimate.

Using our Product Page Wizard creating a Product Page on bobbil will take less than 10 minutes. Simply go to you “” page and select product.

Have a logo, a brochure or product spec and your product details ready and we will walk you through the rest.

You can always come back and add more details later but remember that the richer the content you add the better you will look and the easier you will be found on bobbil and by organic search.

How does my Product get featured on Market and Segment Pages?

The product pages that get featured on bobbil’s Market and Segment pages are the ones with the fullest richest content, with the most reviews and with the most page views.

Tip 1: Upload all the required information and images and fill in all the data fields on the Product setup page

Tip 2: Send a link of your company page to your customers and get them to submit customer reviews. Not only will this embellish your presence on bobbil – good reviews also sell products!

More about product pages on bobbil

We haven’t answered your questions yet? Contact us via and we will be happy to help.

bobbil markets and segments

What is a market and a segment?

Market is an area of the wider digital market which we have classified. A Market contains sub-markets or Segments, which are all related, but are also very specific and unique in themselves.

How do I assign my company to markets and segments?

Your company can be assigned to markets and segments during the company registration process, or as a registered user you may register your company. This assignment can be updated at any time in the my tab, under the “Manage company – edit assignment” tags

Who defines the markets and segments?

The concept and definitions of markets and segments arose from the experience of the company founders supported by an advisory board of industry experts. Bobbil also values the input received from the bobbil community of users. Anyone can suggest a change to definitions of markets and segments and it will be considered.

Please send any suggestions for market or segment changes to Make sure to include your contact details so we can get clarification if we need to.

Can market and segment definitions change?

The b2b software and services sector is hotly innovative and constantly changing, new markets emerge and old markets recede. Bobbil markets and segments move with the digital times. They change and evolve as the markets do.

When do market and segment definitions change?

Bobbil regularly reviews feedback from users as well as trends in the Digital Economy and adds, edits or merges markets and segments that are out of date. We recommend our users do the same. Review your market/segment assignments regularly and keep your business connected in the right places.

How do I know when market and segment definitions change?

When we update market and segment definitions we inform impacted companies and the changes get communicated out on twitter. You can also “follow a segment” for the segments you are interested in and get regular reports.

Make sure we always have up to date email contacts for your company so we can let you know directly and follow@bobbilnews on twitter to make sure you are kept informed of changes.

I would like to suggest some changes to a market or segment definition, how can I do this?

We welcome inputs from users of Send any suggestions for market or segment changes Make sure to include your contact details so we can get clarification if we need to. We hold regular reviews (every 2-3 months depending on the volume of suggestions) and we will implement changes we can all agree on. We reserve the right to make the final decision on all market and segment definitions.

Connecting to other companies on bobbil

What happens when I connect to a company I am interested in?

Users can connect to other bobbil users via the connect feature on the product page. If you see a product you are interested in while browsing and that product has added a contact person to the product profile you will see a “connect” button.

What if I don’t hear back when I made a request to connect?

Its unlikely! The company has gone to the trouble of providing contact information. But it happens.

It’s a shame but that’s also the great thing about bobbil – you can easily source alternative products and services. Hopefully the next company you contact will be interested!

Someone sent me a request to connect, what should I do?

What happens next is entirely up to you. We will send the contact details of the requestor in the email along with information they supplied when making the request. Assess the information to hand and decide whether you are interested in responding.

Someone has sent me multiple requests to connect, I am not interested. What should I do?

Please contact with the details and we will investigate and take action if appropriate.

Questions about how to make use of what bobbil has to offer

Who are the users of bobbil and what interests them? is about connecting businesses in the digital economy. users are digital service providers, digital product innovators, digital market investors, developers, marketers, and integrators – anyone who can benefit from making B2B connections.

What are the services that bobbil offers? provides services to research, promote and connect digital businesses.

  • Connect business-2-business
  • Promote your own business - maintain your company information and assignments
  • Connect with activity in your market – who is tweeting and what is trending?

Research who is investing in businesses like yours

Connect to other markets and segments in the digital sector. will add new ways to research, promote and connect on

Please register so we can send you email updates as we release new value add services on

Can I upload my own content to bobbil?

Right now you can manage the information that gets displayed on your company card and on the markets and segments pages – edit your logo or company description; tweet regularly on your company account; assign your company to up to three markets/segments.

Later this year we are introducing services for businesses to upload content for display and download on company pages.

Make sure you are registered so we can contact you when this is introduced.

Can I advertise on bobbil?

Currently, no; your company and product pages are your showcase.

Make sure your content is up-to-date and complete. Getting customer reviews and having complete company and product profiles ensure your content gets in front of more bobbil users.

Questions about the commercial aspects of bobbil

Do you charge for bobbil services?

Your first product page is free. If you want to upgrade to add multiple products or to access some of our advanced lead generation features then we will charge.

Up-to-date pricing can be found on the top menu bar on any page on the website.

Reviews on

How do Customer Reviews Work?

Click on the ‘Review Company’ button. If you are not registered with bobbil you will be asked to fill out our simple registration form. Once registered you can post a review. Reviews consist of 3 yes/no radio button questions and a comment box.

You must be a customer of a company to post a review and you cannot review your own company.

As a Company what is the value of customer reviews?

Research shows that positive customer reviews sell products by establishing trust with your buyers.

On bobbil the more customer reviews your company gets the higher you will rank. For example, a company who has the highest number of reviews combined with the highest positive score will appear at the top of relevant search results and the top of the relevant segment page.

You can encourage your customers to provide reviews on bobbil by sending them a link to your company page.

Customer Reviews Terms and Conditions

If you feel a review of your company or products is false or insincere you can flag it as inappropriate and bobbil will investigate and remove the review if you’re proven to be correct.

We make every effort to screen reviews for inappropriate language and comments so if you think that we’ve missed something please let us know.

Search Help and Tips

What can I search on

By default our search will look through all our website content so we will search markets, companies, products, blogs and other publications and even this help content.

We have made access to search as easy as possible – via the search box on the screen menu bar. Type in a search term or leave it blank and click on the icon to see your results on our search page.

I am searching but not getting the expected results?

It is much easier to find what you’re looking for if you narrow your search, either by typing a more specific search into the search bar, or by filtering your more general search using the filter on the left hand side of the page.

Remember to click the ‘Apply Filter’ button at the end of the filter bar once you have changed the settings in order to be presented with a more specific list.

I am getting too many search results. How do I drill down to the most relevant results.

You can pre-filter what you are searching for using the arrow next to the search box to select markets, companies, products or blogs.

On the search results page, results are filtered behind different tabs.

Search Hints

By changing the ‘Search Type’ from the default ‘Name and Description’ setting to either ‘Name Only’ or ‘Description Only’ you will be presented with a shorter list.

By changing the ‘Rating’ setting from the default ‘No Rating’ to any of the other options, you will be presented with a list of companies or products with that star rating or higher.

If you know any information about the company/product you are looking for, you can use the filter to narrow down the search by changing the location or size options on the filter. This will make your search more specific and will give you a smaller list of possible options.

Quick Search Tips

  • If you aren’t getting the expected results try searching on a search phrase in “-“
  • Try expanding common acronyms – for instance for BI try “business intelligence”
  • Try using the filters to narrow your results
  • Check results in the relevant tabs
  • If you still can find what you are looking for, let us know here. We are always working on improving search.